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Sundance Jump Band with W. Dire Wolff - Beyond the Zen Rodeo

Beyond the Zen Rodeo

Click for CD on Amazon! "Beyond the Zen Rodeo" is a psychedelic folk rock musical album of songs by W. Dire Wolff, performed with "Sundance Jump" . (Holiday Season 2017 release) Playing music that reflects the "Northern California Jam Band" sound; the band plays original material and a variety of covers. The second "Sundance Jump" album features Sarah Rosenberg on Electric Violin and Vocals, Burr Guthrie playing Guitars, and Johnny Rock plays resonator guitar, bass, and harmonica. The guitar based sound is accented by the classically trained electric violinist and brassy blues harmonica.

W. Dire Wolff's folk/rock, country/western, cowboy ballads, and Americana songwriting style is showcased in this album. While recording with the "Sundance Drifters and Johnny Rock", the "Beyond the Zen Rodeo" album began to take shape. The songs, Waiting on Tulsa and Lights of Leon, blend cowboy Jazz, folk, blues, rockabilly, and country in a San Francisco Bay Area jam style.

'Beyond The Zen Rodeo' was released by W. Dire Wolff with Sundance Jump; and the unique sound of the album is defined not only by Sarah Rosenberg's violin, but by her vocals as well. She sings the lead vocal on the western folk ballad, Cheyenne Wind. Her background vocals on 'Me and my Sister' complement the contemporary folk song's mystery.

W. Dire Wolff's cowboy and wild west ballads, and Americana songwriting style is showcased in songs like Old Motel in Wyoming, Bill Grogan Rode, and the cowboy rocker jam on The Loner. "We ain't high flying, but we'll die trying, just the same," is the theme of the folk song, Me and my Sister, with Sarah on background vocals.

The unique concepts of the psychedelic folk rock sound of Sundance Jump, are evident in the songs, The Crossing Guards and The way that it is. The sound is an understated blend of folk/rock melodic jams, in 3 minute song formats.

Sundance Jump - Lights of Leon

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Lights of Leon' by Sundance Jump featuring W. Dire Wolff is an instrumental Americana musical work. Released on Halloween 2017, as a pre-album digital single, "Lights of Leon" is the raw studio jam on the early takes of the song, "Waiting on Tulsa". While recording with the Sundance Drifters and Johnny Rock; the W. Dire Wolff album, Beyond the Zen Rodeo, began to take shape. The song, Lights of Leon, blends folk, blues, rock, and country in a Northern California Jamband style.

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