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Marin County Rain - Sundance Jump Space Band

Marin County Rain - Sundance Jump Space Band

Marin County Rain is experimental music based on recording and mixing rain storms and modern electronic instruments.

Click for CD on Amazon! Marin County Rain is an album by the Sundance Jump Space Band. The album is an experimental musical concept, based on recording rainfall in the Marin County redwood forest. "I can see Mount Tamalpais from our studio..." The rain was mixed from several years of rainstorms, that were recorded from boom microphones suspended in the redwood trees. The rain was mixed and musicians were asked to jam to to sound of the rain. After 24 tracks were full of rain storms and musical jam sessions, they were mixed down to make this album. It is organic improvised music played on simple electronic instruments with lots of pedals and effects.

The album features Sarah Rosenberg on electronic violin, Burr Guthrie on bass, wind-stick, percussion, and guitar, DJ Acinonyx on electronica, and W. Dire Wolff on guitars, studio production, and percussion. Sundance Jump Recording released the album, Marin County Rain, in the Holiday Season of 2018.

Some of the tracks on the album ‘Marin County Rain’ might be referred to as sound sculptures. The musicians create scenes like a rain storm in the forest, a misty mountain, and a long winter’s nap. The instruments are constantly returning to the pitter patter of raindrops and the roar of the thunder, while the Kami kaze calls down from the mountaintop. Several years of rainfall from the Marin county redwood forest were mixed and that was the inspiration for this improvised, avant-garde musical experiment by ‘Sundance Jump Space Band’.

The interwoven vibrations are based on the A2 = (110 Frequency (Hz), 313.64 Wavelength (cm); Speed of Sound = 345 m/s = 1130 ft/s = 770 miles/hr) musical equation. The vibrations were developed with the team at Sundance Jump Space Music Research and Development.

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