Sundance Jump Recording - Music for the New Beyond

Sundance Jump Recording is a collective of independent artists making their own styles of music. While most of the artists play folk, blues, and rock oriented music; EDM and experimental space music are being developed. Sundance Jump is the recording collective's house band, which evolved from the W. Dire Wolff Band with Burr Guthrie. The Sundance Drifters are the more blues oriented version of the collective, which revolves around the songwriting of Johnny Rock. Sarah Rosenberg is an electric violinist, vocalist, and member of the band, Violin Tendencies. Sundance Jump Recording releases independent music from artists of the creative collective.

"For a party or a trip, try Sundance Jump..."

Located in Northern California's Marin and Sonoma Counties, working in studios in Mill Valley, Novato, Napa, and Petaluma Areas, close to San Francisco. Playing shows and parties in Marin, Humbodlt, Napa, and Sonoma Counties.