Sundance Jump is a Folk Rock and Americana Jam Band Project
also known as W Dire Wolff band

The Crossin' Guards

By: William Dire Wolff

One time, I took a Greyhound down South
That's why, I cleaned my sleepin' room out
I got a message with the number, and it only seems to bring me more doubt.

That's why, my baby called me tonight
She said, that the laundry weren't white
I really love you baby, but I can't make it home tonight.

Things could be better, If I didn't mind the weather
And you had a little more to say
Nothing good ever works out easy
So I'll play them where they lay
Until I receive a message that shows me a better way.

Sometimes, when the tumbler poured down
Pipeline, send the crossin' guards out
I'm caught up in the traffic, and I can't seem to find my way out.

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