Sundance Jump is a Folk Rock and Americana Jam Band Project
also known as W Dire Wolff band

The Loner

By: William Dire Wolff

Everyone says, "He's a disgrace."
Someone threw a bottle,
In his drunken face,
As he was lying in the bar,
Late last night,
Young Kid Colt offered him a fight.

They called him the Loner

He was slow to his feet,
Cuz' his nerves they were shallow,
He wasn't quite sure,
What would follow,
He stood to fight,
The hot shot kid,
Without quite knowing,
What he had did.

They called him the Loner

It wasn't long,
He was lying, eyes to the sky,
For his death,
No one would cry,
But at his face,
They did stare for a while
That old drunkard,
Died with a smile.

They called him the Loner



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