Sundance Jump is a Folk Rock and Americana Jam Band Project
also known as W Dire Wolff band

Old Motel in Wyoming

By: William Dire Wolff

An old motel in Wyoming
In a sad and lonely room
No cars out on the highway
No headlights ever loom

The sheriff drove by an hour ago
No more traffic until the light
The rooms here all are empty
So no one hears me cry.

An old motel in Wyoming
Gideon's bible in the drawer
I'm watchin' with the sound off
And towels beneath the door
My fingers pick the guitar
While I play my final songs
Like tears for fallen angels
In the dark, before the dawn.

An old motel in Wyoming
Maid service won't like this much
So I'll keep the candle burning
And walk out on my crutch
An old motel in Wyoming
I'm leavin' soon enough
In an old motel in Wyoming
The good lord called my bluff.



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